2 witches  &  a  basic


Childhood friends, Sheena Mannina and Stassi Schroeder, grew into adults on opposite sides of the country. Stassi became a reality TV star, and Sheena became involved in all things wellness.

Amberleigh Carter, a master of metaphysics, came into Sheena's life and sparked a passionate drive toward the discoveries of healing through energy. The two joined forces to bring healing to the basics... most importantly, to the incarnated queen of basics: Stassi—with a dietary base of ranch dressing and wine, a murder-curious personality, and a love of pop culture. 

Worlds collide with the friendship of these three that extends beyond time zones and opposite life paths, remaining connected to one another, and now to each one of you, through two podcasts and an apparel line.

From designer handbags to healing crystals, we welcome you to the basic witch life, where healing powers are normal and being basic is celebrated.


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